Thighs of Steel

a long 48 hours after leaving NYC, I am finally here, awake, functional, and freaking loving it!  First experience with this new Asian lifestyle

Yesterday, we had a lay over in Mumbai, India, and I’m thinking sweet, stretch the legs a bit, go to the bathroom in a toilet where I don’t bump my head against the freaking walls of the airplane… good deal, right?
I walk in the bathroom and it looks awesome, I mean granite tile floors in an airport! Lots of stalls, & a nice clean smell. Even better, I like the smell of nice things.
Then BOOM. As I get to the stall I see a step up, & I’m thinking, huh.. a step? and then OOOHH,  Jesus I see it. The tell-tale sign that I am not in KANSAS anymore. A simple, yet disturbing, porcelain hole in the ground. Equipped with footholds and a nice hose. A hose- for what? Two options: 1. I play janitor & clean the porcelain bowl upon use or option 2.  I sub a hose for toilet paper.. to which I respond, are you freaking kidding me? 

My Worst Enemy

The Indian lady who was manning the ‘nice’ bathroom trying to cover up the holes with nice granite tiles had a smirk on her face when I left. I know she was smirking at the Western chick in her first ever ‘fire in the hole’ experience. Or maybe her grin was mimicking mine…I had such a puzzling look on my face, because I was still trying to figure out what that damn hose was for.
Thighs of steel, here I come. 



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