Visa… what?!?

Touchdown in Bangkok, & the adventures begin!!!… or, as the case may be… touchdown in Bangkok, get talking to a half-wit & spend a ridiculous & unnecessarily long time in the freakin’ airport!

Visa my ass Matt!

You pick up things fast on this travelling malarkey, but some lessons are learnt the hard way.  Despite having done our own research & being fully aware that we did NOT need a tourist visa before entering Thailand, we decided to take the advice of a strange lad from New Jersey who insisted we did in fact require one. Slightly overwhelmed by the mass exodus of Indians from our incoming flight from Mumbai, we proceeded to join a horrendously large queue of Indian folk. It did strike me a little strange that no one in this line was of a lighter complexion & Nicky & I stood out like sore thumbs. However, we heeded the advice of Matt & continued queuing until we reached the front. An entirely unessential 1 and a half hours in the snaking line & we reached the customs officer, who duly told us to jog on… though in slightly milder, & less English sounding words!

Somewhat furious, we headed straight through customs unhampered, acquiring the necessary visa as easily as I had pictured on the plane. Baggage collected, including our escaped American football that was deserted item atop the belt… & FINALLY we were taxi bound for the infamous backpacker haven of Khao San Road.

NOW the adventures were to begin!!!


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