i almost got punched by a 14 yr. old

Let me paint you a picture…
Long day in Bangkok, walking around in HEAT getting heckled by people on every street buy this, eat this, tuk-tuk ride here… & it’s was definitely approaching beer’oclock time. 
We settle down in a bar have a few pints of Chang beer, (which can I add is 6% alcohol)! & this almost cute Thai boy comes up to us with flowers, and guess what? You guessed it, he wants our money. 

The Thumb War


the Kid tells Rhys: “Come on maaan, come on, you luv her? Buy her   flower man. Come on man. Yes, you buy her flower.” 
Rhys: “No.. no it’s cool.”
The Kid: “Ok… you beat me in thumb war I give you 100 baht, I beat you then you buy flower.”
now let me describe this boy. He is 14, and his fingers are little anorexic vienna sausages. At this point we are willing to do anything to get him to leave us alone, so thumb war?.. simple.
                          shocker…Rhys loses and I get a wilted rose. joy joy.
We finish our drinks and leave walking up the street to find thumb war kid a few bars up sponge-ing for more money. As I walk by..a bit toasted.. I wave my flower at the table and say “Dont do it — you’ll lose!!” Totally joking, the table even laughing as they prepare to take this kid on… however…
He takes his dirty vienna sausage fingers that have never seen soap in their lives, puts them over my mouth -gag me, gag me-  with this look of ‘anger, and I’m gonna kick your American ass’ if you say one more word.. he makes a fist and starts waving it in the air next to my face!!
I’m a lover, not a fighter. Immediately I wave the white flag, retreat, and run. Man..I gotta learn to keep my mouth shut!



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