Chiang Mai: Jungle Trek

In the jungle the mighty jungle…

The Crazy Trek Group


3 days. 2 nights. 1 crazy ass trek group!
4 nutty Irish girls, 1 animal antagonizing Aussie & his laid-back fiance, 1 around-the-world ticket holder from Guernsey, 1 token crazy Dutch girl, a casually cool older Dutch couple, and 1 Russian who never spoke. We all followed our loopy but loyal guides, Jackie Chan & Knop, into the jungle with no idea what was in store for us.
Some people make a beeline for Thailand’s famous beaches and miss out on the rugged Northern part of the country, but pencil in some time & postpone the buckets and beach parties for a jungle trek. Out of everything we did in South East Asia it was definately on the Top 3 List, if not #1 for all-around best excursion. You be the judge….
  • Hiking through the day completely lost in the moment,… stupified by the sights & sounds surrounding you.
  • Taking a break from the hiking & humidity for a frolic in a waterfall. Jumping. Diving. Dunking. Swimming. Bathing.
  • Bamboo rafting down the Mae Wang river, through rapids & rice fields.
  • Jaw-dropping views gazing out over banana trees, rice paddies, and lush green jungle stretching seemingly forever, herbaceous to the horizon.
  • Sleeping in a tiny village deep in the jungle with a local tribe cut off from the world. Staying up singing & drinking all night around a camp fire. (Night #1)
  • Learning a different, simple way of life away from  technological & economical influences.
  • Showering at a waterfall… Herbal Essence commercial-esque.
  • Shaking a mango tree to grab an afternoon snack.
  • Sharing your living quarters with chickens, goats, water buffalo & boars.
  • Sleeping in a little hut perched between rice fields. (Night #2)
  • Wading through a river on the back of an elephant.
  • Sharing inspirational experiences with a group of like-minded travellers up for a good time.
  • Just being miles away from everything & escaping the trials & tribulations of everyday life.
It was definitely the best way to kick off our South East Asia trip. A true introduction to the region.

~ Rhys & Nicky ~


4 Responses to “Chiang Mai: Jungle Trek”
  1. meganlamoon says:

    where was this? I’ve actually been to that herbal essenses waterfall – it was also the waterfalls for peter andres music video mysterious girl, on that note I will stop writing.

    • Nicky says:

      It was herbal essenses ‘like’, we just showered in the falls and pretended to make our own advert. The trek is in Chiang Mai, North of Bangkok. Perfect for an overnight sleeper train = save on accomodation & wake up where you want to be!

  2. Coolmon says:

    Seems like you had quite the adventure in Thailand. I enjoyed reading your story.

    • Nicky says:

      Thank you, it really was a fantastic trip. If you get the opportunity definitely make sure you do a trek in Northern Thailand and we can recommend the best/funniest guides you could possibly have!

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