Luang Prabang is AWESOME

I’m sitting in a small internet cafe in the lovely city of Luang Prabang in Laos!! We rented bikes–not cool fast motorbikes, push bikes– ALL DAY and took on the city, big stylee. Actually, it hurts to sit down & even write this.. but I don’t know if it’s from the bike or the fact that getting here meant 2 days on a slow boat.

Pat Beng, the Rat Hole Along the River!

I MEAN a SLOW boat, that only had wooden benches for 100 people crammed in. The benches were worse than any pew in church, & we sat for 20 hours… all in the fun? Kids did run to the boat and sell beer as we made our way down the Mekong River, I think Rhys bought beer from a 6 year old. We stayed a night in the biggest rat hole ever, that’s always a laugh… this town is so small, they actually lose power at 10:30 pm. I guess generators need a break too. Losing power means sitting in a bed, with no fan in hot humid Laos.

Our LAOS Biker Gang

I did make a guy on a moped run off the road today. Okay, me and bicycles haven’t crossed paths since I was 10. People who tell you that you never forget how to ride a bike are liars! Or they haven’t had the lovely opportunity to come out of retirement in a town where speeds, road lanes, and people crossing don’t count for anything. We had a little bike gang and spent the day riding around exploring the temples that make up Luang Prabang and give it a little something different then other cities in Laos.

      We passed by a bunch of temples, monks, dead chickens with their legs up in the air, and old smelly fish that a lot of people seemed to be buying. & I ate overlooking the Mekong River for $2.

Loving life to bits!

Dinner @ The Mekong River



2 Responses to “Luang Prabang is AWESOME”
  1. probably my favorite spot in all of southeast asia…the mekong surging past, the temples and night market…I would love to get back to luang prabang.

    happy trails


  2. Nicky says:

    Luang Prabang is definitely a one of a kind kinda place. I love Laos, how laid back everything was. I kind of miss waking up the store keeper to pay for my meal!

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