Story #2: Kids & the F-Bomb

Story #2: Kids & the F-Bomb

This is your warning, when in Cambodia don’t buy books from the kids. Learn from our mistake. Please, save yourselves.   

Ok, ok, ok, I know buying books from the kids who walk around with a basket busting of different knocked off reads isn’t a good idea. Yea, yea, it supports child labor and all that jazz. When I think about the money situation their families must be in, when they’re desperate enough to make their 10-year-old son/daughter sell books to tourists at 11:00pm… I’m thinking they need the money.   

Still, don't do it and here's why...

Our first mistake = never sit outside in reach of the ‘book kids’. We went out for a nice, quick meal, relax a bit after a long day walking around and exploring the city. Yea, right not if you’re sitting outside. All we heard the first 15 minutes we were sat outside by about 6 different kids…   

“Please, please, I have to go to school tomorrow. School is $6.00. Please, buy 2 books and I’ll give you a good deal. Please, you have to buy a book. I have to sell all my books. I have school. Please. Buy. Good Deal.Please. Buy. Good Deal. Please. Buy. Good Deal. Please. Buy. Good Deal. Please. Buy. Good Deal.”   

Honestly, they wouldn’t leave us alone and had an answer for any excuse we threw their way. Like total dumbasses, we thought…’hmmm, maybe if buy some books then they will leave us alone.’ YEA RIGHT. After buying 2 books from a sweet 16-year-old girl we were officially stamped as BOOK SUCKERS.   

One boy spotted the books on the table and came up asking for us to buy some of his books too, he stayed relentlessly pestering us for 10 minutes. Here’s a much shorter version of our conversation with the little brat, but you’ll get the gist of it.   

Us: Sorry, we’ve got 2 books and don’t have any room for more.   

Boy: Sorry won’t pay for my school tomorrow.                                                

 Us: We have two books already and need to read these first.                   

 Boy: F*CK YOU and FU*K OFF! [insert middle finger]   

Wow, really? School tomorrow? He must be getting great lessons on English and Math. Like what to say to people to get them to buy books, choice English words, and all about supply and demand. Go sell books to all the people lining the streets without any books, leave us alone!   

By the end of our meal we had been harassed by at least 5 kids. Told to f**k off by 3 of them, given the finger by a few, and we were even threatened to be beat up by an older brother. 

What happened to our nice, relaxing, meal?

 Here’s the topper, the cherry on top. The following night we went to a crazy nightclub [on a boat!!] and guess who we had the pleasure of running into? None other than the poor, feel pity for me, I need money for school tomorrow, 16-year-old girl who we bought books from. She almost shit herself when I asked her if my book money was buying her drinks instead of school!

What? She was really cool.





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