Korean Work Visa is a GO

Finally some good news about our visas! We’ve spent hours on Skype arguing with the same stubborn lady at the South Korean embassy in Malaysia trying to inform her that we are in fact allowed to get work visa issued through Malaysia and not our home countries. She however, refuses to believe it. Essentially, we had a man working for the South Korean government call her to help plead our case. Flying home = not an option, flying to Korea without visas = not an option.

Rhys’s brilliant idea was to have his mom mail our needed important documents to the British Embassy, which was very helpful. So we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, got our needed documents, or Rhys got our documents I was barred from evening looking in the windows of the British Embassy. I had to sit outside behind bars on a bench! Then we marched straight to the South Korean Embassy. An American & a British citizen going to the South Korean Embassy in Malaysia to get South Korean work permits… doesn’t seem right?! Everything was easy though, once we got past the stubborn lady. We dug our original university diplomas out of the ‘protectice’ cardboard case at the bottom of Rhys’s bag (Mom, I swear one day that diploma will hang in its frame again a top the computer!), found our extra pictures, forms in order, add in $50 and we pick them up Tuesday at 3pm.

Since it was so easy to get visas, we have plenty of time to travel still. I vote back to an island, but it looks like we will do a bit of hiking in a rainforest and then blowing in the wind from there.

Finally feels real, we are actually going. It’s almost time to put the adventures and crazy days spent in South East Asia behind us in exchange for some structure & teaching in South Korea. YIKES!



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