the Price for Paradise

the DUMPhole

Paradise met the slum for us on the beautiful Perhentian Islands, Malaysia. The same island where I wrote about swimming with exotic sea creatures in the clearest of waters, well visiting PARADISE comes at price for everyone, and the price for us = living in a shed. In fact, I don’t even know if you could call it a shed. I mean my dad has a shed at home and it is a mansion compared to this crap hole. 4 days we called this terrible place ‘home’. No windows, unless you count the cracks between the wall boards. The door didn’t shut, I had to hold it up and push right to wedge it semi-shut, 2 single beds pushed together under a holy mosquito net. No sheet. Lucky for us, it also happened to be a mosquito nesting village, so I made a force field of burning

the inside of the SHED

coils around the bed. Even if it meant we had headaches from breathing in too much insect burning repellant. Somehow we managed to have a fan, but we only had electricity for it 7pm-7am. After 7am just sweat in the humidity and make a run for the beach in the unbearable heat. No lights, we had to buy candles.  & a bathroom? What else would go with a shed, other than a barn for a shower and toilet? No joke, a barn. 8 stalls for us ‘animals’ to scrounge in and try to wash up. Fitting myself, plus the frogs, mosquitos, & geckos in the shower was a struggle, we had a freaking ecosystem in a 6×6 foot cement box. No exaggeration.
But, I can deal with the shed & barn as long as I can keep living in this Utopian land a little longer.



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