Swimming with Crush

Life on the islands, easy-breezy-beautiful. Even considering the fact that we are currently living in a complete DUMP. The Perhentian Islands are quite possibly the MOST GORGEOUS place on Earth. Just throwing that one out there, but this place is unlike any Thai island we’ve been on. The water clearer, the sand whiter, palms trees bigger, and marine life is out of this world astonishing. I could sit for hours at the bottom of the ocean and watch the sea life happening around me. The colors, patterns, and different types of fish and corral all mixing together, to create a place so fresh and new. A place untouched by most.

I actually swam side by side a sea turtle bigger then me. The turtle looked EXACTLY like Crush in Finding Nemo. I think that tops my list of things to do in life, come on…Crush is everyone’s favorite! Rhys and I went out on our own, with our mediocre snorkel gear to explore the underwater world away from the crowds. I didn’t even notice the giant turtle 2 feet away from my arm until Rhys started pointing and waving his arms at me like a crazy person. If you swim along side the turtle, they stay right with you at the same pace. The beautiful coloring and marks, the enormity of the turtle, mixed with its gentle nature… simply amazing.

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