After 3 months of breaking down buses, hole stricken mosquito nets, searching for a bottle of water so I can brush my teeth, and the constant bargaining and haggling of prices from shirts and jewelry to cab rides and tours and food- we have found civilization!

I am a little bit surprised.

1. We can drink water out of the TAP! A restaurant today actually served me a glass of water upon being seated?!

2. Customer Service exists. We got our meal in less than 30 minutes!

3. NO strays completely taking over the streets.

4. Cats here have real tails and not those weird-looking stubs.

5. Taxis use METERS!

6. TOILETS! NO HOLES IN THE GROUND. Soap & TP. Dear Toilet Paper, I’ve missed you.

7. I’m happy to say goodbye to tuk-tuk drivers & all their damn sketchy suit shops, ‘massages’, & sex shows.

8. Where did the ants go? They finally bid me farewell. There’s no 24/7 trail of them following from my lunch plate to the road to the steps to in, on, under, around my bag to the bathroom…. basically, there are no ants anywhere?!?


9. I am very sad to say goodbye to a cheap lifestyle. Goodbye my daily budget of $25.00/day. No more $1.00 beers.

10. I miss geckos cooing in my room all night too.

 but did I mention I can drink the water & they have toilet paper everywhere?!

We have a REAL bathroom?! That's even clean!



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