Umbrellas & Sunshine

     Every morning I take the 20 or 25 minute walk (depending on the skip in my step or lack there of) to my own little work prison, Samho Middle School. There’s an older male teacher that also walks to school around the same time and we often follow each other to dreaded work.
     This one particular morning, I was singing along to my iPod and he must have heard, cause he stopped and waited for me to catch up. I had no idea what was going on– was he going to scold me like everyone else for singing a bit to loud and off key? This man also speaks ZERO english. He doesn’t even know hello. I can tell he has a good heart though, he bows and smiles a lot.
     I had carried an umbrella along with me, cause the skies didn’t look to promising. He pointed at my umbrella, pointed at that sky, took the umbrella and opened it. Never speaking a word and remember it is NOT raining. He motions for me to get under the umbrella and we casually walk side by side all the way to school.
     Picture it– me and him walking under a massive umbrella (it really can fit 3 people snuggly) in utter silence, just the sound of our shoes on the pavement. Awkward.
     We got to school, he closed the umbrella (still as dry as it was when I left the house) he bowed, and left me at the door. My own escort to work. Still no idea what it was about, but it’s Korea. I’m positive he has no idea either.


Umbrellas & Sunshine


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