Hello, BLOGGING world…

After months of travel, we have finally succumb to the blogging world. We held out as long as possible… but figured why not? I’m used to writing in my journal, I’ll see how this whole blogging thing goes. Wonder if we’ll actually keep it up to date and more importantly if we’ll write anything worth reading!

Rhys & I write so different, and have such different takes on the same things, I think it’ll make for some interesting stories. Since we’re already months behind, (& let’s be real South East Asia was 100 times more interesting than Korea!) We’ll just copy and paste in some old emails we wrote home and then get to ‘The Wonder of Everyday Life in Korea’.


3 Responses to “Hello, BLOGGING world…”
  1. Tricia Mitchell says:

    Yes!!! I can’t wait to read this!! Miss you!!!

  2. Dani says:

    So glad you two decided to blog… it will be exciting to read!! I was missing your emails Nicky!! Looking forward to hearing more about your Korean lives. Love and miss you both 🙂

  3. megan hardesty says:

    wow. holy cow. and i thought i had traveled seeing seatle, washington state, LA, and Alaska. but no, no. i am just so awestruck! keep up the good work and the blogs! please be sure to stay in touch, stay safe (most importantly) and stay in touch with your parents cause they miss you terribly. i love the adventure! Megan Hardesty

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