You might be in Korea too long when…

  1. You actually get excited when you see lunch has squid rings to dip in red spicy sauce.
  2. When getting on the bus or subway, you do one of two options. 1. Immediately take your place at the back of the line and let the hajimas have their way. or 2. Stand your ground, elbows out and ready.
  3. Try to remember if you were allowed to throw things in the classroom, throw things out the window, sprint through the halls and teacher lounges, or yell over your teacher when you were in school.
  4. Automatically put –UH- or-EE- on the end of every word.
  5. Find yourself standing in a line of teachers to spit while brushing your teeth after eating school lunch.
  6. You have named yourself the Queen or King at making up pointless English games and passing them off as important learning activities.
  7. You know exactly where everything goes on your lunch tray, without a thought, and you know exactly where and how to hold the tray so you don’t scold all your skin off anymore.
  8. “Teachaa, nooooo!” Or “Teacchhaaa, what?” Is your name.
  9. A great night out ends in Norebang.
  10. Find yourself running to get on the local bus that is clearly going to stop.
  11. You dread Soju, but still drink it every Friday & Saturday.
  12. Charades is more than a game, it’s a way of life.
  13. You don’t realize you accept everything two-handed, pour drinks two-handed, and don’t notice how many times you hold onto your elbow in a day.
  14. Your sick of watching the funny Korean guy with the round face, bow tie, and block hair cut that’s on every Korean game show channel.
  15. You’ve come to the realization that taxi drivers have no concept of broken Korean.
  16. You’ve definitely been encouraged to get wasted and fall over with your principal, vice principal, and entire school staff. And, you probably have.
  17. It’s comes as no surprise to walk into school and have no classes or 5 added classes any random day.
  18. Everything you eat, touch, look at, or breathe is healthy for you.
  19. An actual full week of working means you only had around 15 hours to surf the net, plan trips abroad, or scan Facebook.
  20. You say “Helloooo”, “Hiiiiii”, “Hooow are youu?” 100 times a day & are now starting to sound like your students when you say it.
  22. Cavemen—now I speak.


You don't say cheese anymore, you say kimchi!



2 Responses to “You might be in Korea too long when…”
  1. the Bruce says:

    you join the old man urinating in the street

  2. Rhys says:

    It’s perfectly normal to have windows open despite being freezing cold outside

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