Somewhere in the last 11 months it happened, I became KPOPified. When I was 14 I was Justinfied. Now I am 23 and KPOPified.

Here are some clear signs that I lost the battle to resist cheesy KPOP and have fallen into the craze  like every single one of my students and every other kid, teenager, and adult in Korea.

I download just as many KPOP hits as I do hits on the Western Charts. I admit to watching more KPOP music videos then any type of music video on youtube. I regrettably know the difference between boy bands 2pm, 2am, UKiss, Big Bang, BEAST, and MBLAQ. I think 2pm is fine without Jae Baem & he should stay in rainy Seattle. I dressed up as KPOP’s rockstar girl group 2NE1 for my Asian themed party at home. When kids in class sing or hum KPOP songs, I secretly find myself bobbing my head along. At night clubs I prefer the KPOP dance floor to the Western Music dance floor. I belong to POPSEOUL, a blog updated 5 times a day with the latest KPOP gossip. I’ve come to terms that I will never be able to decide if 2NE1 or Girls Generation is my favorite. I’m dating a boy who was screaming at a KPOP concert for his favorite girl group to come out on stage, and sadly I was jumping along with him. I was jealous of everyone who didn’t belong to a dumb cell phone contract, and (unlike me) could get Girls Generation New Chocolate Love Cell Phone. Lastly, I go to KPOP dance class twice a week so I can learn all the dance moves, come home put youtube on and practice the dances with the stars themselves.

Pathetic? Maybe. But, I’m really just being a Korean Culture Acceptor.

You be the judge, here are a few of my (& RHYS!)  favorite songs & dances.
  1. Ultimate KPOP Mash Up: 28 songs into 3:11!

  2. Run Devil Run: Girls Generation

  3. Fire: 2NE1

  4. Heartbeat: 2pm

  5. Abracadabra: Brown Eyed Girls




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