on a Stick. (Korean Street Food)

Korean Street Food. :Breakfast:Lunch:Dinner: Those little old ladies and little old men are there for you. All hours of the day, 7 days a week. To fill you up for the right price. 1,000, maybe 2,000 won. Hallelujah. They’re there for you when it is 5pm and your in dire need of an afterschool energy snack. When it is 4am and your drunk munchies fall upon you. When it is 8am and your catching a bus to Seoul & need a quick breakfast. If your school lunch is under par you can always sneak out to your ol’ reliable pojangmacha a.k.a. street vendor. They’ll never let you down. Rain, Snow, or Sunshine.

 Korea loves their sticks… 



Meat on a Stick. Balls of Fish on a Stick. Squid on a Stick. Fried Chicken on a Stick. Giant Mass of French Fries on a Stick. Flat Fish Cakes on a Stick. Fried Vegetable Chunk on a Stick. Corndog on a Stick. Random Conglomerate of Fried Nothingness on Stick.



& then there’s everything you eat using sticks.



Gimbap. Mondue. Teeokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake). Squid Rings. Pig Intestine. Extremely Smelly Bugs. Rice Cakes. Spicy Meat Slop. Shredded Dried Squid. Chon (Korean Pizza).   



Or ditch the sticks and devour the famous 32 centimeter ice cream in Myong Dong, Seoul.


seoulful icecream


My Korean loves in life… & what I will miss oh-so-much when August comes around….   

참치김밥:Chamchi Gimbap: a lot like sushi– except its $1.00 for 8-10 pieces! It’s rice rolled in a dried seaweed with tuna, radish, cucumber, crab meat, and maybe some other random vegetables. Awesome.



김치만두: Kimchi Mandu: a dumpling, filled with guess what? Kimchi. Dip it in some soy sauce and, ‘MMmmMmmM!’ 



비빔밥: Bipimbap: definitely best in a hot stone bowl or 돌솥 (dolsot bipimbap). The hot bowl makes the rice and veggies really crispy. It’s simple. Steamed rice, random vegetables, 1 gooey egg, and red pepper paste. Delicious!



& the best part? everything listed in this post is about $2.00. minus the bipimbap, I have to spend a hefty $5 bucks on that luxury.

korea, i love you and all your sticks.





One Response to “on a Stick. (Korean Street Food)”
  1. cheryl says:

    You can still get alot of these foods – Chuck and I will show you where—Luv you!

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