WEIRD Signs, ‘say-what?!’

English Signs in Asia that make no freaking sense. They’re everywhere. No escaping it. Here are some of my favorites…

& Thank God you don’t.


This sign is EVERYWHERE in Korea. Even if you can swim, who would ever dare to swim in deep water? It’d be like sentencing yourself to death.


Aren’t all boys jealous that girls and ladyboys are always getting so many things cheaper? Must get annoying.  


Read #3. The poor drunks getting thrown in the same damn category with the weak, old, and the kids. Just not fair.


It’s true, that is exactly how it feels.


 NO SPITTING. Asian men and kids actually need to be reminded that SPITTING ON A PUBLIC BUS is DISGUSTING. Surprise, surprise… “NO SPITTING” signs are everywhere.


 If you had a kid would you leave it in a Baby Sittering Room?


I am good people.


If only Asians actually lived life like this… instead of pushing you in front of a moving bus so they can be first on it– wouldn’t it be nice?


The last one isn’t exactly a sign… but it definitely deserves a place on this list! Is this store serious?!


One Response to “WEIRD Signs, ‘say-what?!’”
  1. Dani says:

    These are too funny Nicky! I’m sure there are so many more that are just as funny. Can’t imagine. Miss you!!!

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