Korea’s Highest Bungee Jump

Bungee Jumping …

is nothing that I’ve had my heart set on doing… ever. I can’t even look over the edge of a bridge without my stomach getting queasy, so the thought of making myself jump off a bridge isn’t very musing for me. But, when your friends with the Bruce Brothers (2 adrenaline junkie Kiwi’s) anything can happen, and bungee jumping it was. 

We made the trip out to Jechon for Korea’s Highest Bungee Jump. A 203ft (62m) platform towers high above a beautiful lake surrounded with Korea’s vast green mountains in every direction. When it was finally our turn, the elevator creaked its way to the top, we stepped on to the platform and with each step looked down at the 200 foot drop below us. Insanity. Fear. Panic. Run. What the hell am I doing? I wanted to get the hell of that platform and jumping off was the fastest way down. Standing on the edge of the platform with my toes hanging over and looking down at the fall before me is a feeling I can’t begin to describe. Every instinct in my body was telling me not to jump, that this was crazy, people don’t do this…. but with my hands high above my head the countdown began….5…..4….3…2..1. JUMP! Without a second thought I was plunging down with all emotion and all thought evading me with the decision to take that fearful step off the edge. The feeling of being completely free, falling and falling with no tension, nothing holding you back is so intense. In my panic I flailed my arms and legs about because I felt like I was in a dream and falling off a cloud. I managed to run so fast in mid-air I kicked my shoe off! My jump didn’t look as pretty as everyone else’s pencil-shaped pose with fists clenched above their heads– but I made it! When the rope finally pulled me back, life was restored. I could think again, I could feel the rush of adrenaline creep into every muscle, every finger, every toe, every strand of hair. 2 seconds of utter fear and in an instant with the pull of the cord everything became real again. The blood rushing to my head, my friends cheering below, and the realization that I did it. I bungee jumped. 

Taking that leap off the platform was crazy & still gives me jitters thinking about it, I can’t get the imagine of the ground racing towards me from so far below out of my head! 









3 Responses to “Korea’s Highest Bungee Jump”
  1. Tom says:

    love the fact your shoe came off! your description is just how I’ve always imagined bungee jumping, “Insanity. Fear. Panic. Run” that’s why I pray I never bungee jump haha. good on you though. maybe I need to be liberated by some kiwi thrill-seekers.

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