Korean Kids Say the Darnest Things

A list of the things my students say to me…. only things that would be said by Korean students, of course.

  1. For one of my classes the kids were making up their own Harry Potter Spells and Potions. One boy made up a spell called, “Kill All the Japs.”
  2. The girl students always ask, “Teacher, why is your hair yellow and mine black?”
  3. Rhys had his students tell him, “Your arms are like Ostrich Eggs!”
  4. In class we were playing Categories, and one Category was ‘Food’ and the letter was ‘D’. All of their answers were some variation of DOG, whether it be meat or in soup. For letter ‘O’ they all wrote OCTOPUS.
  5. Their best compliment for me, “You have big eyes and small face.”
  6. We were learning about things in a house, “Now..what’s the refrigerator for?” My student yells out, “BEER!”
  7. I was teaching things in the bathroom & when I said shower a girl yells to me,  “Oh ya ya ya, shower like Washington.” I asked her, “What??” and she told me, “You know Wash-And-Turn same as Wash-ing-ton.”
  8. Girls stopped me in class and asked I pull out a piece of hair. Then they found a strand on my shirt and the three started fighting over it yelling, “It’s a treasure!”
  9. Thanks to Rhys for this one, he told me about a game called Smash Mouth. You give the kids the first and last letters and they think of words that begin and end with those letters. For F,D one boy wrote, “FU*KED”. Great Game Rhys!
  10. I was teaching Nationalities and I asked the class, “People from Korea are?” One boy raised his hand and said, “Brown.”
  11. At the start of class I always ask ‘How Are You?’ One girl yelled, “It’s a beautiful SUNDAY!” It was Wednesday.
  12. A girl gave herself a fake tattoo on her arm that said, “Car wash self customer is king” What?!
  13. We were making Guides for Foreigners in Korea & one kid only wrote…’Koreans eat, smoke, drink, and die.”
  14. I asked my class, “What nationality am I?” About 5 of them seriously thought I was African.
  15. In one particular class a boy who never talks will randomly come to me at the start & motion for an arm wrestle. The rest of the boys stand up and chant “Teachaa, Teachaa…” It’s hilarious…. & I always lose.
  16. 5 minutes into one class everyone starts uncontrollably laughing, I look around to see what’s going on and 1 kid has been sitting in class in his underwear because he didn’t have time to change after gym. No idea why he thought that was a good idea.
  17. Student: “Teacher he is wearing pink panties! His Moms!”
  18. 2 girls came to my desk and asked, “Why did Lady Gaga say F*ck You at a Mets game?”

I don’t ask questions, I only attempt to teach English!


here are some pics of these crazy kids i teach everyday-

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5 Responses to “Korean Kids Say the Darnest Things”
  1. Kara says:

    i literally sat here in my office laughing out loud….. this is hilarious!

    • Nicky says:

      Glad you thought it was funny, the kids are definitely great for a laugh when you need one.. & also great at making me go crazy in class..

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow these are so funny I actually understand a bunch from my limited Korean experience
    i know what this means
    12. A girl gave herself a fake tattoo on her arm that said, “Car wash self customer is king” What?!
    One word…Beast (boy band)
    Junhyung (rapper) has a tattoo on his forearm and in one of the B2ST Almighty tv episodes they were babysitting two kids and had face paint so Yoseob (vocal and my fav) wrote that on his arm and I was like What?!

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