Korean Kouples

At home it’s a sin to even think about leaving your house dressed the same as your girlfriend or boyfriend. You’d be a fashion screw up & way to ‘cute-sey’ on the couple front. However, Korean couples absolutely love dressing the same. It’s not just a matching shirt though. Oh, no. It’s an entire matching outfit. Same faded jeans, same shoes, socks, baseball hat, t-shirt, and jumper. They might as well pee on each others legs. It’d be cheaper & would still give off the same message, “She/He’s MINE!” Couples don’t live together until they are married, so I can imagine the phone calls in the morning… “Ok baby, I’m wearing my pink shirt, blue hat, white shoes, and lightly faded jeans!”

I’ve been here 9 months & still can’t help but giggle and snap photos every time I see a duo walking hand and hand down the street.

The pictures say it all…

3 Responses to “Korean Kouples”
  1. Bessie says:

    Nice collection. I can totally relate taking pictures of the people! It’s absurd. And then co-workers bought us couple shirts, and we sort of bought matching hoodies. A year in Korea can do some strange things to you.

    • Nicky says:

      Last night my teachers bought us couples shirts! They’re in Korean but they tell me it’s some childish poem about a tree in the wind? You’re right, if I stayed on teaching another year who knows what would happen…!

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