Giants & Tigers: Recipe for Mayhem

Sporting events here are like everything else, random and strange, and so much fun. I love going to any event in Korea whether it be a mask dance festival or a baseball game because no matter what I guarantee something will happen that seems so weird to me and makes all the foreigners laugh, but to all of the Koreans it’s [of course] just a normal occurence. 

#1 Fan

 I’m going to make a daring statement and say baseball games here are better than games in the states. Ouch, did I really just say that? The play here isn’t nearly as high, but the fans are nuts. We went to a regular baseball game on a Wednesday night and the stadium was packed. There wasn’t an empty seat anywhere. Families or groups of friends come packed and ready to sit at the games for days if they have too. They bring an entire Thanksgiving feast. They bring so much food they can barely carry it all in. I saw numerous pairs of men working together to carry extra extra large plastic bags overflowing with dinner into the game. They sit down pull out some salad make some meat wraps, have a few side dishes, wash it down with some soju and beer, and then offer everyone around them a taste. What about all the leftovers? The guy next to us was using his extra lettuce leaf to shake and wave in the air. It’s great– overpriced food inside stadiums? It’s unheard of here. Koreans literally bring beer and food everywhere they go. Movie theaters, concerts, all sporting events, bowling, karaoke rooms… and the list goes on. 

Back to the game. 7th inning came along and I was creeping out of my seat to start stretching. Instead I got handed an orange plastic bag, started around at what was going on, and saw everyone else excitedly blowing them up, tying them, and wearing them on their heads. So much for singing ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game!’ 


 People always complain about baseball being slow. Koreans solved the problem. When the games start to get slow you can: 

  1. Get involved in the Mexican Wave that keeps going and going and going and going and around and around and around and around.
  2. Watch the cheerleaders dance up on their stage in the middle of the stands or join in if your like me and know all the KPOP dances they do!
  3. Just point and yell MA (translates to DEVIL) at the pitcher with thousands of other rowdy fans.
  4. Learn the different chants they have for every single player when they step up to the plate.
  5. When all else fails reach down and grab your $2.00 beer from the gas station across the street and laugh at the man next to you who is yelling while fist pumping lettuce in the air.
  6. Or wait it out til the 7th inning, your plastic bag of fun is on its way.

@ the Ulsan Soccer Game

Soccer games here aren’t quite as entertaining as the baseball games, but nonetheless are a great laugh. We are lucky enough to live right next to Ulsan’s World Cup Stadium built-in 2002. On game days the stadium noise floats right on over into our little apartment. At the games they have mascots, give out noise makers at the gate, and have a couple hundred die-hard fans that go to every home game. They have drums, red flares, and relentless chants. The level at play is pretty bad, but again, it’s just about the stadium atmosphere. Watching any sport at any stadium is sure to be a treat. 

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2 Responses to “Giants & Tigers: Recipe for Mayhem”
  1. Coolmon says:

    I enjoyed reading your post and I like your selection of pictures. Looks like the people pictured are having a great time at this sporting event.

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