Koreans & English: Golden Answers

The last few weeks I have had the ‘pleasure’ of grading my students in a speaking test. Every single student in grade 1 & 2 of my school had to sit down with me for about 3 minutes & answer 2 questions about topics we’ve covered in class. The answers I’ve heard have been varied to say the least!! Some of them are nothing short of golden… & by golden, I mean ridiculous!

Question: What do you think about Barack Obama?

  • “I think he is good president”“Why?” “Handsome”
  • “I don’t like Obama”“Why not?” “He bring crazy cow to Korea. He try to kill me!”
  • “I think Obama is negro president. I respect him because no one like black man but he is president!”

Yet one student answered… “I think Obama has performed well as American president so far. His policies reflect what the people think & his speechs are inspirational to people around the world. There was great controversy about his Nobel Peace Prize but I think he deserved it & his position in world politics gives people hope, not just in America but other countries too”

Question: If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you want to have with you?

  • “I want lady”“Anything else?!” “No teacher. I just need lady”“But you can choose 3 things”“OK. I choose 3 lady. Thank you teacher”
  • “I would take a baby girl”“Why?!” “Because I don’t know how long I will be. Maybe I need to reproduce”
  • “Hair straightners”“OK. Why?”“I’m pretty” 

Yet one student answered… “First, I would want to have a knife. If I had a knife I could hunt animals & the meat would provide good food for me. I could also cut small trees & build a small house, & maybe if there was fruit on the island I could cut it with a knife”… His other choices were a tent & a lighter for similarly brilliant reasons!

Question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

  • “I want teacher”“Why?”“I like teaching”“Why is teaching good?”“Mmm, I like teaching”“How do you know?!” “Teacher. I know. I like teaching. Finish-ee. Next question”
  • “Police”“Why?”“Kill the criminal. Funny!”
  • “Soccer player”“Why?” “Funny. Much money. Pretty ladies. Good”

Yet one student answered… “I want to be an economic advisor. I like maths & I’m very good at it so I think I could perform well in this job. Many people would think this is boring but I think it would be interesting & the dangerous nature of the work would be exciting. Also, I could earn a lot of money & provide a good life for my family”


~ Rhys ~

One Response to “Koreans & English: Golden Answers”
  1. gaijinass says:

    Oh man do I know about this. And yes, “oral communication” tests are always good times.

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