Korean Tastes: 5 Day Markets

You will find 5 Day Markets in every big city and small rural town across South Korea. They’re exactly what they sound like too, big buzzing markets that come every 5 days. They have 3 or 4 different locations and rotate through their chosen sites. They’re full of fresh vegetables, a huge assortment of fruit, seafood, pots  & pans, shirts, shoes… anything and everything. 



Korean Grandmother's are hard as nails working 12 hour days!

We’re lucky to live right next to a 5 day market. I’ve come so dependent on it, I’d hate to think what we’d do without it. Go to the dreaded grocery store?! Here’s a little secret about me, I hate cooking– and buying food to cook is definitely on my not fun list, but the local street market is actually enjoyable. I love knowing who grew/caught/picked the food, I love supporting the local farmers, I love haggling for a price in my broken Korean, the sights, sounds and smells are all one of a kind. 



Fresh fish, crabs, squid, octopus, shrimp.. they sell everything under the sea!

Little kids run around with corn dogs while teens swarm the tteokbokki stand. Ajuma’s (old granies) line the street sitting on cardboard with their vegetables neatly displayed around them. The chicken man is dicing up some meat for a happy customer. A woman at the seafood tent scoops up a live squid from its tank and starts chopping it up while tentacles frantically jerk around. The lady at the fruit stand smiles and waves while shouting the days bargain prices on watermelon. 

One of the many things I’ll miss about Korea! 



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