Photo Friday: The Enlightening Lotus

Lotus Lantern

Enlightening Lotus Lanterns at Inwangsa

This week’s photo was taken on a recent trip to Seoul. We walked up a steep incline to a small temple on Inwang mountain, overlooking the murky metropolitan that is Seoul sprawled to the horizon. Inside the temple were these fantastic lotus lanterns, illuminating the hermitage with their pretty pink glow. The color was radiant & added a great warmth to the already awesome atmosphere.

The lotus flower is held in high regard by Buddhists across Asia. It’s spiritual significance comes from the plant’s growth. From its roots in the mud, the lotus flower stems through the water until it reaches sunlight at the surface. Buddhists view the path to enlightenment as a similar journey where they too will blossom in the sun once buddhahood & true enlightenment is achieved.

2 Responses to “Photo Friday: The Enlightening Lotus”
  1. Thea says:

    I think the lotus flower is one of the most beautiful in the world. I see a lot in Hong Kong and Singapore and i always take photos of them. I actually plan to go to South Korea for my Asian trip end of this year. I’ll keep your blog in my reader to read some insider tips.

    • Nicky says:

      If you go to Korea, try & see the city of Gyeongju around July, there is a huge lake that is covered in towering white and pink lotus flowers. It’s so impressive & beautiful. Did you know you can eat the seeds inside too? Yesterday a little girl here in India showed me how!

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