Life on a House Boat

Life on a House Boat


9:00am: Rise & Shine. Awe at the morning dew on the mountains and lake. Laugh at the mamma duck running away from her ducklings. Read for 20 minutes.

9:30am: Eat eggs & toast. Your choice of jam, butter, or honey. Drink tea and read more.

10:00am: Shower & lay around staring at the blades on the ceiling fan going around and around.

11:00am: A slow boat (like a canoe) might come and pick you up & whisk you off to see locals making Kashmiri scarves, rugs, and woodwork. Lots of people will try to take your money for no reason (tip, tip, tip). Don’t give it to them.

4:30pm: Back to your house boat. Chat with the old wrinkled marijuana-smoking owner about your simple day. Ask him for a snack.

5:00pm: Ramen noodles and bread for a little hold-you-over-till-dinner snack.

5:15pm: More reading. Bird watching to find King Fishers diving into the lake catching dumb little Minos swimming to close to the surface. More reading.

7:00pm: Finally sit the book down & pick up the camera. Take way too many photos of the sun setting over the lake. Listen to the mosques come to life with prayer calls. More reading.

8:00pm: Best Part of the Day. Dinner Time. 1 pot of rice. 1 vegetable curry. 1 meat curry. Enjoy.

8:30pm: Play cards. Gin Rummy is perfect for two players. Play 20 games trying to pass the time until you can go to bed.

9:15pm: Read. Brush teeth. Read in bed. Stare at the ceiling fan going around and around until you finally fall asleep- even though you’re not at all tired because you did nothing all day.

Repeat this everyday for a week.



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