Ajanta Caves: Ancient Artistry

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They will crumble your concept of time… if only for a brief respite from India’s current craziness! The artistry & craftsmanship on show at Ajanta is unbelievable, especially considering the time period they were created in. The caves date back to the 2nd century BC, with construction continuing until around the 7th century AD. In all, there are 27 caves, similar in some respects, contrasting in others, but each & every one is worth at least a quick mosey around.

Ajanta Caves

The Caves Carved out of the Cliff Face

 Several of the caves are covered in paintings, finely printed on the walls & ceilings. The images portray the Buddha in different scenarios, often surrounded by women & fine food… not a bad lifestyle! Dubbed the Louvre of ancient India the colors have now faded with time. Some sections have been completely erased through erosion over the centuries but the remaining images are more than enough to grab your attention & leave you wondering, in awe of what once was.

Ajanta Paintings

Eroded but still elegant

Other caves are devoid of this ancient artistry, but beyond their dull exteriors are other fine art treasures. In numerous caves, gigantic buddha statues lurk in the back. The low lighting & shadow effects add to the atmosphere already invoked by these phenomenal sculptures. Sitting in solitude, each buddha dominates in the darkened sanctuaries, peacefully on looking. The final cave was certainly worth the walk boasting the finest carvings & an impressively large, elongated sleeping buddha.

Ajanta Yellow Buddha

A Golden Glow on Godliness

Fantastic ancient artistry to freeze your thoughts of time. The awe-striking Ajanta caves.


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