Our Top 10 Indian Experiences

Our Top 10 Experiences in India


10. Floating on a small canoe past the burning bodies at the crowded ghats of the mighty Ganges River.

Every fire is a different cremation...

9. Taking our first steps onto the luxurious houseboat, floating on beautiful Dal Lake surrounded by mountains & silence.

Gazing out onto gorgeous Dal Lake

8. Jungle Johnnie’s slice of paradise, indulging in western comforts,visiting the elephant camp, and the hospitality from the host with most!

At the elephant camp, with the Ultimate Host!

7. Biking around Khajuraho’s peaceful, isolated villages & waving at all the smiling faces around us, after fleeing the chaotic town center & madness of our hostel.

The kids were so sweet

6. Kerala Backwaters seemingly endless beauty, lost in the tiny canals, & mesmerizing sunset.

Small, winding canals hidden under huge palm trees

5. Varkala’s beautiful cliff setting and dining on catch-of-the-day every night to the sound of waves crashing far below.
Varkala Beach

Looking Down the Cliff at the Waves Below

4. Witnessing the beauty of the Golden Temple & feeling like ‘one of the locals’, immersing ourselves in the Sikh religion at their holiest temple.
Golden Temple, Amritsar

A Sikh man gazes across the holy water at the gleaming Golden Temple

3. Taj Mahal. It’s sheer beauty & seeing for ourselves why it deserves a spot as one of the 7 greatest wonders.
taj mahal in arch

It's unbelieveable to see in person!

2. Riding camels at sunset & our night sleeping in the desert surrounded by sand dunes, stars, and a full moon.



1. Trekking in the Himalaya Mountains for 4 days, 3 nights with 3 pack ponies, 1 cook, 1 pony man, and us!
Blue Skies, Snow Peaks, & No Worries!

Blue Skies, Snow Peaks, & No Worries!

8 Responses to “Our Top 10 Indian Experiences”
  1. Kara says:

    Nicky I love this! I can’t get over the beauty of the Himalaya Mountains… xx

  2. First of all I would say its really wonderful photography , I like these all Indian culture photo’s. Indian peoples are very enthusiasts and very kind. Great post.

  3. anbu says:

    Happy to see that trekking in the Himalaya got #1 🙂 It is really an amazing experience.

  4. Amazing shots, good job! This really made me wanna go travelling again.

    Greets from Sweden,

  5. mmm… so beatyfull. all of them. I really wont to be there, next year!!.

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