Kathmandu to Lukla – Sprawl to Scenic to Scary

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After an early morning arrival at Kathmandu’s small scale domestic airport we FINALLY boarded our tiny plane… 4 HOURS LATE! Our tiny Tara Air propeller plane took off into the clear skies above Kathmandu. The city sprawl of the capital soon transformed into the gorgeously green Kathmandu valley. With rice paddies & vegetable patches cut into the steep slopes as the valley sides ascended it looked as if someone had drawn contour lines into the hillsides. We coasted along at low attitude, passing over raging rivers that cut through the farmland. The waters carving course was close enough to see its rapids, but far enough away so they seemed frozen in time. The great valley views soon gave way to a cloudy abyss as we neared our destination. In breaks through the mist we cruised past grandiose waterfalls & homes in the hills close enough to touch as we approached the tiny runway of Lukla’s Tenzing-Hillary Airport. We stopped just in time to avoid crashing into the wall of the shockingly short lonesome landing strip!

… & all of this in just 35 minutes!!

7 Responses to “Kathmandu to Lukla – Sprawl to Scenic to Scary”
  1. beyondlust says:

    Amazing photographs!

  2. Lorri says:

    Nicky and Rhys:
    I’m Paul’s friend (your uncle) of over lot’s of years (!) who travelled by backpack and hitch hiking throughout the US into some of the most beautiful backcountry areas…meeting some incredible folks while creating lasting memories imprinted into my soul. I’m so thrilled for the pair of you to be able to follow your dream. I’m going to live vicariously through you as you continue to journey into places I’ve imagined in my heart to find myself one day. Stay safe and embrace each place with your wholeheart.–Lorri

    • Nicky says:

      Lorri! I’ve heard so much about you (all good!) and feel flattered that you’ve stumble upon our blog. Everyone in the family compares me to Paul Jr. & I hear about your hitchhiking adventures all of the time. They sound amazing! We will keep writing and posting pictures, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them… sometimes I wonder if anyone besides Grandmom is reading 🙂 so thank you !

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