Photo Friday:Buddha’s Mesmerizing Eyes

buddha eyes2

Buddha's Mesmerizing Eyes

On practically every Buddhist Stupa in Nepal (and there are thousands) there are a giant pair of decorated eyes glaring at you from all 4 sides of the stupa. They are Buddha’s eyes, or his wisdom eyes, and symbolize the all-seeing or all-knowing of Buddha. However, these eyes have become more than just the eyes of Buddha. With the boom of tourism in recent years, they’ve become a symbol of Nepal. They’re on stickers, t-shirts, & etched into the sides of rocks. Reminding us that, Buddha is always watching!

buddha eyes

Nepal is full of beautiful, old prayer stupas

2 Responses to “Photo Friday:Buddha’s Mesmerizing Eyes”
  1. vira says:

    awesome! I bet it would creep me out if I was standing anywhere near it, but still, I think it’s awesome!

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