Life on the Trail to Everest

Our life on the TRAIL to EVEREST, 9 days up & 3 days down:
  1.  A really nice, top of the line, 5 star tea house toilet consists of squatting on top of a missing floorboard and having the pleasure of covering up the mess with leaves laying in the corner. The ones without leaves were just rancid! Compost is key.
  2. I SERIOUSLY smelled. Anytime I put my sweatshirt on I nearly knocked myself out with the sudden waft of stench. Baby wipes were my shower.
  3. Highlight of the evenings = watching the yak dung burn inside the stove huddled up trying to keep warm.
  4. Sherpa stew and momo’s are GLORIOUS.
  5. Just keep walking, walking, walking.
  6. “Forget the room, let me see the menu!” (The different tea house menus really range in price, and you have to eat all of your meals there. It adds up!)
  7. I attempted a shower and failed miserably. I squatted over a bowl of boiling water and tried splash showering. At 14,500 ft. I was frozen and gave up, making the decision to just accept the smell coming from me.
  8. Dreaded midnight toilet runs. There is no way around them when sleeping in high altitudes! Struggling to escape my mummified sleeping bag and ice skating while peeing in a frozen outhouse.
  9. 7:30 pm bedtime every night. Once we made it to 9:30 pm with some other trekkers. What a wild one that was.
  10. 12 days sweating & hiking with no shower. Plus 3 days of waiting for a flight out of Lukla with no shower. 15 days of filth, nice.

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3 Responses to “Life on the Trail to Everest”
  1. wow what an adventure! hang in there…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Really enjoyed reading about all your travel – what a great experience. We are going to do EBC later this year and was just wondering if you did much training at altitude before you went? Were you affected at all by the altitude & did you take altitiude tablets?

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