Photo Friday: A Sherpa Tribute

Amadablam & Sherpas (sepia)

Determination at its best!

Sherpas make the Everest Region come alive and give the word ‘determination’ an entirely new meaning. So generous and kind-hearted, and so often taken advantage of. They take great pride in mountaineering, and ever since tourism boomed, mountaineering has become their livelihood. Living at high altitudes gives them a unbelievable advantage to ferry supplies up and down the mountain, set up camps, and lug equipment around for mountain expeditions. They’re known for taking great risks when high up on the mountain, risks their employers would never dream of taking. In the past Sherpa achievements were often side-noted and successful Sherpa summits not mentioned. Coming across these fearless men while on the hike was unbelievable. We played cards one night with a Sherpa who stood on the summit of the top of the world… 4 times. We were both amazed and felt a little star struck when he told us about his achievement! The loads the porters carry are in insane, I saw porters carry more than the ox teams. One young porter had 11… ELEVEN cases of beer stacked on top of each other! When I carry one case of beer it’s all I can do to make it inside the house without dropping it. This porter had 11. How is that humanly possible…? And at high altitudes?!? Amazing men, always smiling, and working hard for the mountains they love and proudly call home.

sherpas in sepia

Look how big their loads are... how?!?

One Response to “Photo Friday: A Sherpa Tribute”
  1. Amazing photos along with an amazing journey. : )

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