Nepal’s Top 5

We spent one wonderful month in Nepal and although India was great, it was so hard at times and really made me wonder whether or not I was over going on long backpacking trips with sleepless nights curled up on train station floors, insanely long travel hours on broken down buses/trains, and so forth. However, Nepal confirmed that I still love being a dirty backpacker! We both went straight back to loving every minute we were there, not wanting to go to sleep and waking up bright and early to experience it all. I lowered the guard I had built up around me in India, and it felt WONDERFUL to feel like I could semi-trust people again. The tea house treks are so unique and one of the best ways to hike. We were both so nervous and thrilled for the Everest Base Camp hike and successfully did it! We WILL BE BACK to Nepal to hike the Annapurna Circuit and cruise around to the National Parks and monasteries for a different taste of Nepal. It is definitely one of my TOP 2 countries, it’s just so beautiful & laid back.

Our TOP 5 in Nepal:

5. Floating on Fewa Lake in Pokhara. Laying in the sun, picnicking in our canoe, and taking in the mountain horizon.
Fewa Lake Horizon
Fewa Lake with the Annapurna Mountain Range standing tall behind it
4. Getting out of Lukla on a tiny 7 seater airplane. We landed in a FIELD and then rode on the ROOF of a bus for 6 hours back to Kathmandu.
landing in ramechhap
This was the airport!
3. Resting & relaxing lakeside at Pokhara’s endless line of steak restaurants and happy hours. Pokhara is the PERFECT place for trekkers to relax & indulge in great food and bottomless boozes after 2 weeks of hiking in the cold!
pokhara from peace pagoda

Pokhara from the Peace Pagoda

2. Meeting up with a few of our closest friends for our last night on our big trip & swapping travels tales in one Kathmandu’s cozy cafes. We started this trip in South Korea with our best friends, and with no planning at all happened to end our big trip in Nepal with those same friends after we all went our separate ways adventuring in different countries. Meeting up with friends while traveling is AWESOME!
It’s great meeting up with friends abroad!
1. Everest Base Camp Trek, lost amongst the world’s highest peaks for 12 days while we trekked in the same footsteps of so many famous mountaineers making our way to EBC.
everest & moon (b&w)

Everest as seen from Kala Patthar, check out the moon!


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