Photo Friday: Son of a Sonamarg Shepherd

Indian shepherd boy

A mature young shepherd leading his herd

On our trek through the Kashmiri Himalayas we saw lots of hardened youngsters, punching well above the weight in maturity. This young shepherd was one of the toughest though. He was helping his father lead their herd of goats through the valley, wearing shoes 4 sizes to big & a heavy sack slung over his shoulder. It was sad to see a child doing such wearisome work at such a young age. The wonder of childhood is not having a care in the world, but this little guy looked like he had already experienced some serious stuff in the Sonamarg valley.

India is a different world.

2 Responses to “Photo Friday: Son of a Sonamarg Shepherd”
  1. Angela says:

    I’ve just got back from India, I went to the Himalayas too, but the other side, in the Uttarakhand, there too I saw dire life conditions….

    • Nicky says:

      It is certainly an eye opening experience, the Himalayas are an amazing place. You’ve got to see them in Nepal if you haven’t yet!

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