Photo Friday: A Rainbow of Prayer

varanasi prayer

Women sat along The Ganges River

The Ganges. One of the most intense experiences. Most rewarding. Eye Opening. Hundreds of people praying and chanting on the river’s banks, bathing in it, washing sin away from the deceased with its holy waters. Cows, dogs, children, men, women… everyone coming together at the river for every reason imaginable. This group of women really caught my eye, they were sitting with their offerings in front of them in a straight line, praying together, and oh the mix of colors!

2 Responses to “Photo Friday: A Rainbow of Prayer”
  1. Very nice photo. Great colors. This had to be an intense experience.

  2. marbella hen says:

    I love this place! It is not fancy, and it is one hours zig-zag drive from Rishikesh, but it is worth it. Very charming. Nice little sandbeach near the Ganges when it is not monsoon time. Such a fascinating place. Your notes and photograph bring back vivid memories – waggling holy babas & water buffalo “going for their showers”.

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