Photo Friday: The Taj Mahal

taj mahal

Standing before the Taj Mahal after seeing it in countless movies and pictures… witnessing one of the great wonders of the world— amazing. I was in awe at the pearly white marble, the size, the perfection, and the love story behind it. Advertisements

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Our Top 10 Indian Experiences

Blue Skies, Snow Peaks, & No Worries!

Our Top 10 Experiences in India   10. Floating on a small canoe past the burning bodies at the crowded ghats of the mighty Ganges River. 9. Taking our first steps onto the luxurious houseboat, floating on beautiful Dal Lake surrounded by mountains & silence. 8. Jungle Johnnie’s slice of paradise, indulging in western comforts,visiting the … Continue reading

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Taj Mahal: Facts & Photos

taj mahal postcard

The Facts:… The Taj Mahal was built for & named after Mumtaz Mahal, the third wife of the Mughal emperor Shahjahan. She died during the birth of their 14th (yes FOURTEENTH) child!… a prime example of why India’s population is growing so rapidly!! The seventh wonder of the world was built in her memory by the mourning Shahjahan. The building is … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Taj Mahal

    As expected… the Taj Mahal easily takes the throne as the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen. Standing in front of it, witnessing it’s sheer beauty and thinking, “We’ve made it!” Like every other visitor, we took far too many postcard worthy pictures while walking around the grounds in complete awe at the … Continue reading

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