Life on the Trail to Everest

Our life on the TRAIL to EVEREST, 9 days up & 3 days down:  A really nice, top of the line, 5 star tea house toilet consists of squatting on top of a missing floorboard and having the pleasure of covering up the mess with leaves laying in the corner. The ones without leaves were just rancid! Compost is key. … Continue reading

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ONLY in India…!


India is a country that stands out all on its own. It felt more like visiting Mars to me than a place on planet Earth. It’s colorful. The people have huge personalities. The lack of hygiene. Anything goes. We would stop, stare, jaw-dropped open, gawk, point, and never believe our eyes or the sites, sounds, and smells … Continue reading

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A Peak Inside A New Delhi Emergency Room


Day 2 of our “Incredible India” trip found us waiting around in the big buzzing capital city’s ER. Definitely not a place either of us had checked off on our sites to see. It all started with a sneaky beer, a little bit of rain, slippery flip-flops, marble stairs, a Sikh temple, and Rhys Farrow. … Continue reading

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Koreans & English: Golden Answers

The last few weeks I have had the ‘pleasure’ of grading my students in a speaking test. Every single student in grade 1 & 2 of my school had to sit down with me for about 3 minutes & answer 2 questions about topics we’ve covered in class. The answers I’ve heard have been varied to say the … Continue reading

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Korean Kouples


At home it’s a sin to even think about leaving your house dressed the same as your girlfriend or boyfriend. You’d be a fashion screw up & way to ‘cute-sey’ on the couple front. However, Korean couples absolutely love dressing the same. It’s not just a matching shirt though. Oh, no. It’s an entire matching … Continue reading

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