Jeju’s Hot Spots

I love Jeju

Jeju¬†is¬†Korea’s¬†top vacation spot &¬†honeymoon island (with¬†matching newly wed couples¬†EVERYWHERE!). Dubbed the ‘Hawaii of Korea’, Jeju is scattered with volcanoes and boasts the best beaches in the country… although¬†Hawaii comparisons¬†may be a bit of an exaggeration!?! Nonetheless, it’s a must-see destination for anyone living in or passing through Korea . Here are our top 5 hot … Continue reading

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Korea’s Island Escapes


Korea is a¬†penninsula where people can’t swim and islands are abundant. Before moving here, I never linked Korea with island hopping, but on so many weekends in the past year I’ve found us running away to random beaches whenever we caught a break from teaching.¬† From the West Coast to the East and the South, … Continue reading

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Hallasan: Dormant yet Dominant


¬† Hallasan is South Korea’s tallest mountain, its summit sitting just below the 2000m mark. It¬†protrudes from the centre of Jeju-do, dominating¬†this quiet fishing island that lies to the south of the peninsula. Jeju-do, Korea’s largest island, was created by volcanic eruptions &¬†Hallasan itself is a dormant volcano. But do not be fooled by this … Continue reading

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Haenyeo: The Spirit of Jeju


Main entry:¬†Haenyeo. Pronunciation: Hain-yo. Definition: Sea Woman. Synonyms:¬†fearless, female diver, mermaid,¬†spirit of Jeju. Haenyeo are extraordinary woman, unlike anyone else. Everyday they plunge into the dark depths of the sea searching for anything that can be¬†eaten or sold to support their families. These woman use no special equipment– just¬†goggles, fins, and the air in their … Continue reading

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