Photo Friday: Seoul’s Deoksu Palace

Korean guard (vib & contrast)

Guards outside one of Seoul’s Palaces Outside Seoul’s Deoksu Palace, the guards were dressed in traditional wear for the tourists to’ OooO’ and ‘Aahhh’ at. None the less they performed a small ceremony and we had a brief glance at what Seoul was like so many years ago. Far different from the overcrowded, busy streets that make up … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: The Enlightening Lotus

Lotus Lantern

This week’s photo was taken on a recent trip to Seoul. We walked up a steep incline to a small temple on Inwang mountain, overlooking the murky metropolitan that is Seoul sprawled to the horizon. Inside the temple were these fantastic lotus lanterns, illuminating the hermitage with their pretty pink glow. The color was radiant & … Continue reading

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