Seokbulsa Temple: Stone Buddha

Whilst living in Korea we have visited countless temples. While I enjoy a good temple, it’s still fair to say that the vast majority lack a distinct feature & are substantially the same. This is NOT true of Seokbulsa. Temples in Korea are typically dominated by wooden structures. Seokbulsa¬†means ‘stone buddha temple’, & it lives … Continue reading

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Story #5: Diamond in the Rough

Story #5: Diamond in the Rough I definitely saved the best for last. The Grand Finale. All About Thavi. After meeting Thavi I decided I was going to find and buy some sort of¬† protective bubble to keep him in, far¬†away from all the mean people in the world. He’s the sort of guy that … Continue reading

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Story #4: Living on $3.00

Story #4: Living on $3.00 We ate most of our meals in one reliable restaurant. When we go to a new city of course we try to find new places to eat at everyday, but at the same time¬†we find¬†ourselves going back to the same restaurant once or twice a day. I like the chance … Continue reading

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Story #3: Slum or Orphanage?

Story #3: Slum or Orphanage? After the past few days hanging out on the street with the homeless girl and her mom, and getting told we should die because we wouldn’t buy books from children– we both agreed we should try to do a little something to help out, somewhere.¬†¬† We’d heard through the grapevine … Continue reading

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Story #2: Kids & the F-Bomb

Story #2: Kids & the F-Bomb This is your warning, when in Cambodia don’t buy books from the kids. Learn from our mistake. Please, save yourselves.¬†¬†¬† Ok, ok, ok, I know buying books from the kids who walk around with a basket busting of different knocked off reads isn’t a good idea. Yea, yea, it … Continue reading

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