Travel Blogs

A few of our favorite travel bloggers:
  • Aaron Joel Santos – Freelance photographer living in Vietnam with some absolutely amazing pictures.
  • Around The World on a Toilet – A couple who packed up and left for Asia. Sounds awfully familiar!?!
  • Art of Backpacking – For the Independent International Traveler, all the advice that you need to know.
  • Beachcomber Pete – A site dedicated to everything about destination travel.
  • Everything, Everywhere – One of the best independent travel blogs to read! Great photos.
  • Happy Time Blog – A fun couple from the UK blogging about their travels since 2008.
  • Language of Photography – Another great photographer with inspiring photos from around India.
  • Legal Nomads – I love reading about solo female travel, this ex-lawyer is proving anyone can have fun.
  • Le Monde – An Indian woman’s travel tales & tips. A AWESOME site, written by a very brave woman!
  • Megan Lamoon – A rather crazy British girl tells her tales about living & teaching in South Korea.
  • Nomadic Matt – He left home in 2005 & has a fantastic website dedicated to everything about travel.
  • Teach Travel Play – I’m lucky enough to be their neighbors in Korea! An awesome couple teaching, traveling, and blogging all the way through.
  • The 5k Challenge – The quest to travel RTW for one year on £5,000.
  • The Big Adventure – All about what happens when people decide living is more important than surviving!
  • The Planetd – One of my absolute favorite travel blogs to read. Tons of advice, pictures, and great stories.
  • Travel Dudes – Travel advice, and must do’s.. for travelers, by travelers.
  • Travel Glam – Rosie has a great blog, packed full of information! She’s, “making the travel experience more glamorous, one traveler at a time!”
  • Travelo Cafe – Informal ideas for traveling on a shoestring.
  • Travels with a Nine Year Old – A mother and son on one great RTW trip together.
  • Twenty-Something Travel– You guessed it a great blog dedicated to all of us twenty-something travelers.
  • 1,000 Places to Fight Before You Die– Mike & Luci met in 3rd grade, started fighting & haven’t stopped.
8 Responses to “Travel Blogs”
  1. Mike & Luci says:

    Great site! Your pic of KUANG SI FALLS is simply amazing! Perfect timing.

    Wondering if you would be interested in swapping links? Our site is 1000 places to fight before your die:


    Mike and Luci

  2. Thank you in advance for taking an interest in Beachcomber Pete Travel Adventures. After reading and enjoying your site I felt that your site would be of interest to the thousands of readers that explore the Beachcomber Pete website.
    I have gone ahead and added your website address to the Beachcomber Pete Travel Directory that can be found at

    In the hope that you find an exchange back to Beachcomber Pete would also help your readers I would appreciate a link exchange and if you will show where I can find your link to Beachcomber Pete.

    In your link please include the following:

    Title: Beachcomber Pete


  3. Alan Cole says:

    Hi there
    Would it be possible to exchange links – – it’s about what happens when people decide living is more important than just surviving!

  4. Nisha says:

    It’s an awesome site and I guess we can exchange some travel experiences too. 🙂

    I was wondering if you’d be interested in exchanging links. The link for my site is and the text to go with it is “Le Monde-An Indian woman’s travel tales & tips”.

    I am writing a mail as well.

  5. Lasith says:

    Hi guys,
    Love your travel blog, and enjoyed the India pics. Seems you have done a bit of Asia, but you need to visit Sri Lanka!!! I am running a travel blog exploring Sri Lanka and would love to trade links with you guys. My site:

  6. Nicky says:

    What post are you interested in?

  7. Hello! My name is Kiril – I have a link to your site on my site (, on the Travel blogs page. I hope you don’t mind this (my site’s pagerank is 4) – if you don’t like my site and if you don’t want the link – I will remove it. I will be grateful to you if you place a link on your blog to my site. Regards and good luck! Kiril

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