Photo Friday:Buddha’s Mesmerizing Eyes

buddha eyes2

On practically every Buddhist Stupa in Nepal (and there are thousands) there are a giant pair of decorated¬†eyes glaring at you from all 4 sides of the stupa.¬†They are Buddha’s eyes, or¬†his wisdom eyes, and symbolize the all-seeing or all-knowing of Buddha. However, these eyes¬†have become¬†more than just the eyes of Buddha. With the boom … Continue reading

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Ajanta Caves: Ancient Artistry

Ajanta Yellow Buddha

They will crumble your concept of time… if only for a brief respite from India’s current craziness! The artistry & craftsmanship on show¬†at Ajanta is unbelievable, especially considering the time period they were created in. The caves date back to the 2nd century BC, with construction continuing until around the 7th century AD. In all, … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: Beaming Buddha

Ajanta Caves

We found this beaming buddhist statue lurking in the ancient caves at Ajanta. Dating as far back as the 2nd century BC, the artistry of the sculptures & paintings at these impressive caves is a sight to behold. Even the modern lighting creates capitaviting captures in this ancient wonder.

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Our Top 10 Korean Experiences

KPOP Concert

Our Top 10 Korean¬†Experiences: 10. Korean Pop Music Concert KPOP. No one living in Korea can deny the catchy tunes.¬†It didn’t take long before we were shamefully downloading the bodacious¬†beats, dancing to them, and planning to go to a concert. We got tickets to the mother of all KPOP¬†concerts. It turned out to be a … Continue reading

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Top Temples in Korea

Tapsa Temple

Buddhism¬†is a central theme of Korean culture & has been for centuries. As the country has become more westernised buddhism has retracted somewhat, now only the second most popular religion behind christianity. Despite the religion’s retreat buddhism is still an integral part of Korean history & the amazing temple designs are a common sight in … Continue reading

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