Photo Friday: Heavenly Hampi


Hampi… an elegant ancient Hindu capital of Southern India, rich in culture it dates back to the 1300’s. We spent the day cruising around on push bikes, exploring the city’s ruins, biking past banana farms, old Hindu temples, picturesque palaces & the gigantic boulders that dominate the natural scenery. There was a laid-back vibe to this once booming … Continue reading

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Khajuraho Temples: Erotica and God?


The temples in the smaller town of Khajuraho are stunning & what’s even more impressive…they were all built sometime around 950 A.D! How can people THAT long ago construct these big, beautiful temples each covered in small intricate carvings? The carvings are primarily sex-related which makes the Khajuraho temples so unique, sex meets God in one of the holier places … Continue reading

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Photo Friday: The Enlightening Lotus

Lotus Lantern

This week’s photo was taken on a recent trip to Seoul. We walked up a steep incline to a small temple on Inwang mountain, overlooking the murky metropolitan that is Seoul sprawled to the horizon. Inside the temple were these fantastic lotus lanterns, illuminating the hermitage with their pretty pink glow. The color was radiant & … Continue reading

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Jeju’s Hot Spots

I love Jeju

Jeju is Korea’s top vacation spot & honeymoon island (with matching newly wed couples EVERYWHERE!). Dubbed the ‘Hawaii of Korea’, Jeju is scattered with volcanoes and boasts the best beaches in the country… although Hawaii comparisons may be a bit of an exaggeration!?! Nonetheless, it’s a must-see destination for anyone living in or passing through Korea . Here are our top 5 hot … Continue reading

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Korea’s Island Escapes


Korea is a penninsula where people can’t swim and islands are abundant. Before moving here, I never linked Korea with island hopping, but on so many weekends in the past year I’ve found us running away to random beaches whenever we caught a break from teaching.  From the West Coast to the East and the South, … Continue reading

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